Our Advisory Board is known as The Think Tank Board of CRASoN they are non-executive but solely advisory body that comprises of seasoned and professional Co-operators from the co-operative regulatory body and the movement, as well as from the Civil Societies. This is so because we need a robust advisory body in CRASoN to help increase the quality of content in the project.

The Board of Directors/Management Team shall be given the privilege to form and nominate members into the advisory board. The Founding President of CRASON will always serve as Secretary to the Advisory Board during their meetings online or offline at least twice a year.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ADVISORY BOARD: The duties and responsibilities of the Advisory Board/Patrons shall be the followings but not limited to it;

  1. To provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by CRASoN management team
  2. To encourage the development of a good governance framework that enable sustainable growth of CRASoN
  3. To support, protect, help, sponsor, and champion the cause of CRASoN
  4. To advise better on how to achieve all CRASoN set goals.
  5. To encourage the revitalization of cooperatives and redefining its standards in Nigeria through CRASoN activities
  6. To serve as the think tank and checks of CRASON and ensure its activities are in line with its objectives
  7. To encourage and support the exploration of new ideas and initiatives