29 Jun 2022

The 4th National Cooperative Awards, Symposium & Exhibition Theme & Tagline Unveiled

…Symposium participants to benefit through enhanced capacity on Digital Platforms and a deep understanding of emerging Technologies for Cooperative Business Growth and Development

TAGLINE: #TheFrontliners     #Abuja2022

THEME: “Leveraging Technology & Innovation for Cooperative Business Growth & Development”

THEME RATIONALE: You will agree with me that globally, businesses are becoming more competitive daily in respect of how technologies and innovations are being used to disrupt traditional ways of business operations. Therefore, the cooperative business should not be lagging behind as we can’t afford to ignore the impact of frontier technologies such as; the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR), the Cloud, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in shaping the 21st Century Businesses.  No doubt, Technology and Big Data are driving a paradigm shift in businesses globally and the Cooperative Business Model is not exceptional, although with a pronounced socio-economic mandate, must leverage emerging technologies and innovations for its sustainable growth and development.

The 2021 UNCTAD Technology and Innovation Report critically examine the possibility of frontier technologies widening existing inequalities by making them worse and creating new digital divides between the technology haves and have-nots. It also pinpoints the national and international policies, instruments and institutional reforms that are needed to create a more equal world of opportunity for all, leaving no one behind. It further argues that Frontier technologies can bring enormous benefits to the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid as the prospects are immense in e-commerce, transportation, agriculture, health, education, energy and other areas of development. The report shows that frontier technologies already represent a $350 billion market, which could grow to $3.2 trillion by 2025. This offers excellent opportunities for those ready to catch this technological wave. The major takeaway from the report is that technologies are not deterministic. We can harness their potential for the common good, and we as Cooperatives, a formidable force in sustainable development have an obligation to do so.

Consequently, Cooperative Leaders and major Stakeholders within the ecosystem must prepare for the profound and swift technological change that will profoundly rock our markets and societies. We need to pursue technology and innovation policies appropriate to our economic, social and environmental conditions. Hence, building digital skills among members, and the employees and closing digital divides is paramount, more so, improving upon and developing their own knowledge and skills on relevant technologies and new innovations to key into today’s global village, and its businesses as it benefits our individual cooperative societies and the cooperative movement at large.

Hence, the CRASoN, in organising its 4th National Cooperative Awards, Symposium & Exhibition this year, has come with a titled tagline “The Frontliners – Abuja 2022” and a theme; “Leveraging Technology & Innovation for Cooperative Business Growth and Development” alongside several topical discussions around sustainable development and frontier tech and innovations from a Panel of Experts in these fields, to lead the conversation of optimizing the current technological revolution to reduce gaps that hold back genuinely inclusive and sustainable development. New technologies hold the promise of the future, from climate action and better health to more democratic and inclusive societies. Therefore, participants at this year’s event will not only benefit through enhanced capacity on Digital Platforms and a deep understanding of emerging Technologies for Cooperative Business Growth and Development but also gained a new perspective, and new frontiers on the shift in technology as it affects the future of Cooperative Businesses Globally, in Africa, and Nigeria in particular.

This year, the National Cooperative Awards has Four (4) Sections with Forty (45) various Categories open to all stakeholders in the Cooperative Sector to vie for. For details on the award categories click on this link www.crason.coop/awardcategories and for the entry nominations click on www.crason.coop/entries 

NOTE: All entries MUST be submitted ONLINE at www.crason.coop/entries directly or sent to our email at entries@crason.coop OR crasoncoop@gmail.com on or before 15th September as late entries might not be accepted.

Contact CRASoN: Louisa Olaniyi – Director, Media & Publicity, Email: info@crason.coop, Phone: +234-8024472797.

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