Our Statement of Values and Belief remains our C.I.R.C.L.E. of influence as those who have these values are those we love to associate with to shape our organizational and individual life…

♦ C = Co-operation: We value the input of individual parts by pooling resources together to create results greater than the output of an individual. When we co-operate it enables us to succeed through mutual self-help and the strength of the Co-operating members

♦ I = Integrity:We consistently demonstrate forthrightness in our motives, through honest and open communications we build and maintain trust.

♦ R = Respect: We have fundamental respect for people and honor the uniqueness of the individual and the value of groups. Respect fosters openness and authentic self-expression, which in turn builds trust. We shall enhance this trusting atmosphere through sharing, listening and respect confidentiality

♦ C = Caring for other: We do connect to others, therefore it is also our belief that wherever we connect, we have responsibilities to care for each other and give back to our communities without expectation of direct benefits.

♦ L = Learning: We believe that learning starts where the individual is at, and this should result in positive changes in their life and the lives of those around them. Challenging experiences combined with success stimulate learning.

 ♦ E = Equality: We respect the equality of all people. We believe in social responsibility, justice and economic empowerment through Co-operatives. We therefore welcome diversity of beliefs, cultures and values in our programme as we act to include this diversity.