As we may have known, sustainable development, the very core of co-operative enterprises is based on ethical values and principles whose goal is to provide for the economic and socio-cultural needs and aspirations of their members. The co-operative enterprise is a well-suited model of business to deliver Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), hence, the driving force behind the Co-operative Rating & Awards Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) to redefine the standards of Co-operative operations in living up to their social responsibilities of self-help through mutual aid and caring for others.

This project will also enhance awareness and further promote Co-operatives’ socio-economic relevance, good governance and sustainable business model in driving our nation’s economic recovery and growth plan, and seeks to foster healthy competition and cooperation among cooperative societies in order to create efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. It promises to revitalize, to refocus and redefine cooperative operations to  spur even development among cooperative societies in Nigeria to further achieve their fundamental objectives of building virile MSMEs as engine for inclusive growth and diversification of the economy.