The Cooperative Rating & Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) Jurors and our strategic partners in the business of ratings will grade each society that submit all necessary and relevant documents required of them accordingly and which met all criteria including that of economic performances and social impact to members and their community at large.

These are the Gradation available for each cooperative society after being thoroughly examined;

1. Grade A+

2. Grade A

3. Grade B

4. Grade C

5. Grade D

6. Grade E

7. Grade E-

The Ratings are classified accordingly as follows;

1. Grade A+ the Cooperative Society with a Grade A+ must have met all CRASoN rating criteria of an independent, healthy, economic viable, and innovative cooperative that goes the extra miles in achieving a unique policy on good governance, best practices and remaining socially responsible by impacting on lives of its members, its immediate community and the larger society in a tremendous way and evidence of such seen.

2. Grade A the Cooperative Society with Grade A must have the same attribute like Grade A+ but not in same measure as it is. Maybe their CSR is limited, in few instances to their immediate environments alone.

3. Grade B Any society with Grade B is doing better and might still need to be educated more on the need to imbibe the principle of concern for community and the ethical values of caring for others in other to be socially responsible as well.

4. Grade C the Cooperatives awarded a Grade C are those that didn’t have any employed staff with cooperative knowledge or engaged any cooperative experts or professionals but allowed the government cooperative officer to put them through as their supervisor.

5. Grade D the Cooperative Society with this Grade D needs thorough education, supervision and control to be put in place to avoid them being liquidated. It needs drastic measures such as reconstituting the management committees for improved performances.

6. Grade E  Any cooperative society with Grade E is on its way to becoming moribund because they are not responding positively to all measures put in place to resuscitate them. However, hope is not lost if the regulator can step in, take over set up a committee to revive it.

7. Grade EThis is the worst case scenario in the ratings as any cooperative award a Grade E- is to be dissolved and liquidated by the regulatory body and their certificate withdrawn.

In awarding of this gradation we are going to look into the following factors that our criteria would be based on as follows;

1. Organization Profile and Structure

2. Leadership

3. Policy Planning & Level of Deployment

4. People & Resources

5. Information & Communication Technology

6. Operational Environment

7. Members/Customers Service Excellence/Quality Assurance

8. Operating Results