07 Sep 2021

CRASoN Partners City People Media Group

CRASoN seeks partnership with City People Media Group to support their upcoming CoopAWARDS event as regards Media & Publicity above all, help proffer advises and counsel on organizing the event.

Its good news for us, and we are glad to officially announce that City People Media Group – Owners and Publishers of City People Magazines, City People Online TV, City People Event & Party, City People Fashion & Lifestyle, Today’s Fashion, and City People Extra, etc. have given our partnership proposal a nod as the CRASoN team led by the President & CEO visited the Headquarters of the organization to meet with the Founder & Publisher – Dr. Seye Kehinde who gave us audience and listened to us attentively and after pitching our cause gave a yes to all of our requests as we seek the City People Media Group collaborations – who are, no doubt, the foremost leader in Media Relations, Fashion & Styles, Awards and Special Events Management – to serve as our major Media Partner and Organizing Consultant for this 3rd edition of the National Cooperative Awards, Symposium & Exhibitions coming up this year in November 20th & 21st by God’s grace.

City People Magazine, Nigeria’s leading society magazine was set up in November 1996 by Dr. Seye Kehinde, former Editor of The News and Tempo Magazines. Prior to this, he was one of those who in 1992 helped revive African Concord after which he decided to team up with five other professionals in 1993 to set up The News.. City People Magazine was to mirror the lifestyle of Celebrities in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. The magazine over the years has grown to become the undisputed leader in the Nigeria Soft-Sell Sector. To read more about City People Media Group kindly click Here

From Right: Victor Oyegoke CEO CRASoN, Dr. Seye Kehinde, City People Magazine CEO, Ms. Victoria Akpan Secretary/ED CRASoN & Mrs. Enny Uzodinma VP Member services CRASoN
From Right: Victor Oyegoke CEO CRASoN, Mrs. Enny Uzodinma VP Member services CRASoN, Mr. Sunday Adigun Asst. Editor/Head City People Online TV, Ms. Victoria Akpan Secretary/ED CRASoN & Mr. Ben Ike Director IT/Web Admin CRASoN

From the maiden edition of the CoopAWARDS events in 2018, it has gathered momentum that major Cooperatives and Cooperators within Nigeria are looking forward to the event annually, being the first of its kind in Nigeria’s Coop history. It is, therefore, on this note, as we don’t want to lower the standard of the event, that’s why we seek out the collaborative support of an experienced personality and organization who has seen it all within the Events organizing and management sector to help us get the best for our cooperatives and Cooperators.

We have no doubt in our hearts that this partnership would sure be mutually beneficial to both organizations as we know it will increase the profile of the Cooperative Sector in Nigeria as it will help gain more audience that will increase the awareness and promotions of the sector, Just like it will increase followership and readership both online and offline for the City People.

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