01 Jul 2019



You have waited enough for them since 2019 clock started ticking… 1st and 2nd quarter passed… We have started the 3rd quarter and Half of the year gone already.!

The word itself said it all.. I’m Possible! So why limit yourself? why procrastinate? You are afraid what they would say if you sail… Or You want to get their approval before you do what God has placed in your heart to do and didn’t give them the opportunity… You will wait till thy kingdom come and yes! they won’t approve of your initiative!

Take that bold step now and go do your thing…. This second half of 2019 Dare to be Different!

Damn the consequences and move on… Seek their approval no more, continue to do your thing and improve on your strategy… God who gave you the vision won’t let you down…. Yes! He did it before when you have nothing to show and they didn’t believe in you … I am a living testimony! I am a product of grace and mercy. Keep moving never give up so easily… Just trust God and Hope in Him alone.

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For with God nothing shall be impossible.
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