The CoopAWARDS, CoopSYMPOSIUM, CoopCARE and Project CoopCOUNT are open to Cooperators, Cooperative Societies, Unions/Associations, and Federations including organizations working with or for cooperatives organizations operating in Nigeria.


All Winners will get a Customized Coop Marque Award Trophy and a Credit Facility of up to a Billion Naira with a Masterclass on Fund-Raising, Entrepreneurial, Values and Leadership Skills. The Grand Charity Raffle Draw Prize is a Motor Vehicle (*** Term & Conditions Apply)


More than one category may be entered if the relevant criteria are met. Please complete a new form for each entry.


The process flow to evaluate entries before the final decision for winners shall be:

  1. Call for entries and nominations announced through Cooperative Departments & the New Media
  2. A panel of assessors is to assess all the entries received for the Rating & Award;
  3. Visitation to participants’ sites/projects of entries filed in for the Rating and Awards;
  4. Online or SMS Voting shall constitute part of the Marks and Points to decide the winners
  5. The college voters cast their own votes after wish it is passed to the College Jurors
  6. The Overall Assessments of all entries by Jurors to decide the Finalist & Winners.

All qualifying entries are considered by the CRASoN ACADEMY. The Jurists who are the highest deciding arm of the award process are not allowed to comment on or vote for entries from their own cooperatives, institutions, or affiliations.

RATINGS – Project CoopCOUNT:

A thorough and holistic analysis would be done on each participating cooperative and gradation awarded accordingly. We are partnering with reputable organizations in the areas of Credit Rating and other areas to strengthen participating Cooperatives.

At the grand finale, the 360 largest cooperatives in Nigeria will be launched through the Project CoopCOUNT “Naija360” National Cooperative Directory. So just fill in the forms for your cooperative to be part of the groundbreaking epoch project.


The shortlisted nominees for each category will be announced by August/September and the general voting process open. The Project CoopCOUNT, CoopCARE, and CoopSYMPOSIUM will culminate in a Dinner Banquet with an International Standard Awards & Investiture Ceremony.

If the jurists shortlist you then you will be required to attend the awards ceremony,


In September after the Shortlisted Nominees are announced, Each Nominee in their category will be expected to publicize their nominated awards category for members of their cooperatives, friends, fans, and families to be aware and vote for them at the ONLINE VOTING PORTAL that would be made available as ONLINE VOTING carries 50%, while the deciding votes of the CRASoN College Jurors carry 50% which is Final.


Brief details of all shortlisted entries will be published on our website, social media pages, and in the official Awards brochures. Entries should include a short (300 – 450 word) description under ‘entry synopsis’ that can be published in this way. The Cooperative Rating &Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) reserves the right to publish positive extracts and pictures from winning entries. All other information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


The winners of the Special Recognition/Leadership Awards – will be declared by the judging panel from submitted nominations which can be made on behalf of an individual, cooperatives, or a private organization

Nominations should include a description of the particular attributes of the nominee(s) and what characteristics, approaches or successes make them stand out, particularly about what contributions the nominee (s) has made to any primary cooperative society, union, and the apex within the state, region or at the national level


  • All entries must be written in English and submitted via our online form at or soft copy in MSWord format through our email or
  • The final deadline for entries to the judged Awards is  July 19th. Late Entries and Submission of Entry Documents closes on July 30th Extensions after this date may ONLY be accepted by prior agreement
  • The ONLINE and, or SMS VOTING commences  August 19th after the shortlisted Nominees are announced and ends at midnight October 19th
  • Late ONLINE VOTING and, or SMS might be considered but must not exit the first week of November
  • Suppose you are shortlisted as a Nominee by the judges. In that case, you will be required to attend the awards ceremony where winners would be declared and attend our Entrepreneurial, Values, and Leadership Skills Capacity Building Training.
  • Supporting material may be supplied, but your main entry synopsis of up to 450 words should include all information you deem necessary for your awards entry that is not included in our questionnaires
  • The Jurists had the final deciding votes of 50% while Online and, or SMS Voting carries 50% making a total of 100% of the winning votes. The verdict of the judging panel is final and uncontestable
  • The chairman of the judging panel reserves the right to cast any deciding vote should the need arise
  • All entries will be treated as confidential, but the Cooperative Rating & Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) reserves the right to publish positive extracts from winning entries