The CoopAWARDS and Project CoopCOUNT are open to Cooperators, Cooperative Societies, Unions/Associations and Federations including organizations working with or for cooperatives organizations operating in Nigeria.


All Winners will get a Customized Coop Marque Award Trophy and access to a Credit Facility of up to a Billion Naira with a Masterclass on Fund-Raising, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy, Values and Leadership Skills.The Grand Prize is a 18-Seater Bus (*** Term & Conditions Apply)


More than one category may be entered if the relevant criteria are met. Please complete a new form for each entry.

THE JUDGING PROCESS                                                                            

All qualifying entries are considered by the CRASoN ACADEMY. The Jurists who are the highest deciding arm of the award process are not allowed to comment on or vote for entries from their own cooperatives, institutions, or affiliations.


A thorough and holistic analysis would be done on each participating cooperatives and gradation awarded accordingly. The 360 largest cooperatives in Nigeria will be launched through the Project CoopCOUNT “Naija360” National Cooperative Directory at the grand finale. So just fill in the forms for your cooperative to be part of the ground breaking epoch project.


The shortlisted/nominees for each category will be announced by October 2019 and general voting process open. The Project CoopCOUNT will culminate in an Awards Ceremony and Dinner on the 16th November, 2019 in Abuja Nigeria. If you are shortlisted as nominees by the jurists then you will be required to attend the awards ceremony.


In October, after the Shortlisted Nominees are announced, Each Nominees in their category will be expected to publicize their nominated awards category for members of their cooperatives, friends, fans and families to be aware and vote for them at the Online Voting Portal. The ONLINE & SMS VOTING  carries 50%  as well, while the deciding votes of the CRASoN ACADEMY carries 50% which is Final.


Brief details of all shortlisted finalist entries will be published on our website and in the official Awards Brochures/Magazines. Entries should include a short (150 – 250 words) description under ‘entry synopsis’ that can be published. The Cooperative Rating & Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) reserves the right to publish positive extracts from winning entries. All other information will be treated in strictest confidence.

 NOTE TO ENTRANTS:All Nominations should include a description of the particular attributes of the nominee(s) and what characteristics, approaches or successes make them stand out and for an Individual, with particularly about what contributions the nominee (s) has made to any primary cooperative society, union and the apex within the state, region or at the national level.


Each Cooperator, Cooperative or Organizations working with or for cooperatives entrant will be deemed to have accepted these Ground Rules and to have agreed to be bound by them.

  • The CRASoN CoopAWARDS are open to Cooperators, Cooperative Societies, Unions/Associations and Federations including organizations working with or for cooperatives operating in Nigeria.
  • All entries must be written in English and submitted via our online form at crason.coop/entriesor soft copy in MS Word format of entry document sent through to  our email entries@crason.coop
  • All necessary information requested must be provided as at the time of submitting an entry, if not might result on the entry being invalid. All Entries ends midnight 30th September 2019
  • All entries statement of accounts and returns submitted must fall within the year in review 2017/18 to be accepted.
  • Entries will be deemed to be void if information provided was found to be forged, cancelled, mutilated or tampered with in any way.
  • The CoopAWARDS Winners and Nominees (Sector based, Primary, Union and Apex) that have account with our sponsor bankers would be entitled to a credit facility of up to a Billion naira.
  • Any Award Nominees that can run minimum turnover of One Billion naira within Ten Month with a reasonable credit balance with our sponsor bankers would be entitled to the GRAND PRIZE raffle draw.
  • By entering the competition, all entrants, nominees and winners agree to their names being published and to be photographed and/or interviewed by The Press or CRASoN Team and that CRASoN may use their names and such photographs and/or interviews for publicity purposes.
  • The CRASoN Trophies are not transferable or exchangeable. All prizes are subject to standard terms and conditions of the company supplying the prizes.


All entries MUST be made and submitted online on, or before the 30th day of September, 2019 at www.crason.coop/entries

For any further enquiries on entry mode send email to; entries@crason.coop  or call 08024472797