29 May 2019

Dare To Be DIFFERENT – 4 Insights To Start Living

I’m going to be honest with you. This is real talk. Have you ever noticed how miserable people seem to be? How often do people whine and complain about their lives?

It seems like it’s the norm to feel like nothing is ever enough. The reason is simple. It all comes down to following the crowd. Most people are prisoners to the opinions of others. People are too scared to be themselves.

The moment that you stop caring what others think about you will become the moment that you’re free. This realization has led me to accomplish what I thought would never be possible.

And doing whatever it is that makes you happy is badass so I suggest you start working on this.


Lesson 1 – Most people are insecure

Insecure traitA big reason why people don’t dare to do something different is because they care what others are going to think. No one cares!

People are way too insecure about their own lives to even pay attention to what you are doing. Do you want proof?

Do you really care what the people around you are doing? If you see someone fall on the ground, you might laugh for a minute but you will forget it completely by the end of the day.

People are too concerned about their own lives. Stop caring about others. They don’t care about you!

Lesson 2 – Body Language

body language traitThis one is huge to build confidence. This is a special secret of mine so don’t share it with your entire neighborhood. Listen very carefully.

The mind cannot feel a certain way if the body is feeling another way. When your mind is nervous and you’re feeling anxious, your body WILL tense up.

Next time you’re worried, notice the tension in your muscles. What do I do?

When I feel that my anxiety is increasing, I will start paying attention to every inch of my body. I will close my eyes and consciously start relaxing each part of my body. Carefully controlling your breathing while doing this helps a ton as well.

I will then position my body in the most confident way possible. Shoulders back. Chest up. Chin up. I might even smile.

I do this every time I have a speech or when I’m about to talk to a girl or playing the guitar or even when I’m riding my motorcycle. I do this all day long honestly.

The mind will calm down after you calm your body down. So stop caring about your mind. Just pay attention to your body.

Lesson 3 – Become the 5 percent

be-the-5 percent-traitIt is fair to say that the extraordinary people that change the game and do something great are 5% of the population. The reason why these people accomplished their goals is because they dared to do something different.

Remember this simple reality. If you do what 95% of the world is doing, then you WILL end up where 95% of the world is going to end up.

This is a very sad place to end up. Just notice the amount of marriages ending in divorce or the amount of people dealing with depression and anxiety. You don’t want to end up there.

Lesson 4 – People will admire you

Admire traitEmbrace being different. You might think that it’s hard because you wonder what people might think about you. People will envy you for having the balls to do something different.

People might mock you and criticize you. I’ve had plenty of that. But the reality is that deep inside they will be jealous about you. They will wish they also dared to be different.


So don’t be afraid of standing out of the crowd. It’s so much more fun that way.

Source: www.addicted2success.com

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