CoopCARE® is a Fund Raising Initiative that is designed to raise funds for charity and developmental projects and initiatives showing concern for communities and caring for others which are part of the pillars of cooperative principles and ethical values. This is what we all know as Corporate Social Responsibility in the secular business world today. We shall seek charity funds from organizations to help meet some needs and aspirations of the downtrodden and underprivileged. This is all about showing concern for communities and caring for others!

CoopCARE® Charity Tickets shall be sold to co-operatives, cooperators, and their families across the country through a recognized bookmaker. The fund raised shall be for the promotion of youth projects in schools, students’ co-operative societies, for the vulnerable, and the physically challenged in Nigeria

Co-operatives and Cooperators Participating Rewards: A Raffle Draw shall be made by rolling the ticket’s number on the electronic or manual medium in a transparent manner to announce a winner’s ticket. A lucky Cooperator or Co-operative Society/Union/Federation whose purchased charity raffle ticket number was announced will go home with a BRANDED CAR/BUS or LANDED PROPERTY; more so, there shall be a lot of consolation prizes to be won to encourage participants that donated to the cause of the charity.

Please donate to the underprivileged or give to help start to teach and set up cooperative student club in schools to promote cooperatives amongst young people