The CoopAWARDS® is a recognition award founded on the cooperative ethical values of Honesty; Openness; Social responsibility and Caring for others that is expected to Promote Sustainable Co-operative Enterprises, Celebrate Excellence in Co-operative Leadership, Best Practices, and Good Governance.

The concept of the CoopAWARDS is a shift from the norm. We have often heard or seen various types of award ceremonies but, if we take a closer look, we shall see that the concept and ideas behind the CoopAWARDS® is indeed a paradigm shift from the norms, for it’s not just an award for mediocrity but an award rated on credibility, integrity, fairness, and openness in the operation and management of co-operative enterprises based on international best practices. It’s all about Celebrating Cooperative Leadership, Good Governance & Enterprises!

Furthermore, with data and information processed from Project CoopCOUNT® it is necessary to recognize all the institutions and individuals who have sacrificed a lot to make the cooperative sector a major force in the Third Sector that needs special attention and cognizance of. Hence, the need for the CoopAWARDS® as Nigeria’s National Co-operative Sector Award, putting into consideration the important roles and contributions of the government regulatory and educational institutions that have been helping to nurture and develop over the years all these co-operatives we are ranking and to recognize the unsung co-operative legends, heroes and icons living or dead who has contributed to our success stories in the co-operative movement and the sub-sector of the economy.