The objectives of creating CRASoN are, among others:

1. To help generate data and statistics for better analysis of co-operative economic performances and social impact on the nation.

2. To foster the spirit of caring for others, promote co-operative social responsibility, and co-operation amongst co-operatives and Co-operators in Nigeria

3. To foster the sharing of best practices and good governance model amongst co-operative stakeholders.

4. To promote the co-operative identity and to underscore the contributions of co-operatives to environmental sustainability, socio-cultural and economic development of Nigeria.

5. To create national recognition through rating and awards to sustainable co-operative enterprises.

6. To further train and inform Co-operative Leaders on how to engage and involve the Government, National & International NGO’s, Donor Agencies, Embassies, and Developmental Partners in supporting Co-operative Enterprises.

7. To work with Co-operative leaders to strive for national development, economic and social liberation and to work out a common policy and engender a sense of solidarity within the co-operative movement.

8. To promote co-operative values, principles, and practice as a form of business and social mandate

9. To link Co-operators together nationwide to share a common vision of preserving the co-operative heritage in Nigeria.

10. To promote and encourage the undertaking of Co-operative employment-oriented and income generating activities.

11. To cultivate as a matter of duty amongst members-patrons, an objective outlook on national and international co-operatives issues.

12. To create a pool of viable co-operative leaders trained in the multilateral diplomacy and negotiation to contribute meaningfully in discussions and issues relating to Co-operatives either national or internationally.

13. To promote Co-operative e-news (Radio, TV & Magazines), e-commerce, and provide co-operative marketing network and support for all registered members.

14. To promote and encourage production – agricultural, agro-allied and rural based enterprises among members-patrons

15. To have arm of volunteer corps, this will serve as service outlet for CRASoN.

16. To affiliate with any national or international body for the promotion of co-operation and for the advancement of the CRASoN vision and mission.