30 Jul 2019

2019 Nigerian National Cooperative Awards Theme & Tagline Unveiled

Tagline: “The PathFinders – Abuja 2019”

Theme: “Strengthening Cooperatives to serve as the Catalyst for Nigeria’s Sustainable Socio-Economic Development”

A nation going through insecurity, in and out of recession with dwindling economic prosperity certainly needs to mobilize and galvanize its teeming populace for a greater national productivity and economic resilience to achieve sustainable diversification of production, to significantly grow the economy and achieve maximum welfare for the citizen.

And, since cooperatives are people-centered enterprises jointly owned and democratically controlled by and for their members to realize their common socio-economic needs and aspirations based on values and principles that allow them to put fairness and equality first, allowing people to create sustainable enterprises that generate long-term jobs and prosperity. Then, its relevance in the Federal Government quest on restoring, growth, investing in its citizens, and building a competitive economy through a strong non-oil sector growth anchored on agriculture and food security, energy, transportation and industrialization cannot be overemphasized, hence, the strategic importance of the Cooperative Sector in the achievement of the Nigeria’s Economic Recovery & Growth Plan and the need for its strengthening to harness the power of co-operatives in creating a world of dignity and decent jobs, opportunity and economic prosperity for all Nigerians and Nigeria as a whole.

This year, Project CoopCOUNT, CoopCARE, CoopSYMPOSIUM and the Nigerian National Cooperative Awards is tagged “The Pathfinders – Abuja 2019”to build on the 2018 achievements and set the pathway forward, towards a Cooperative Strategic Planning and Information Analysis. A goal to further make our advocacy call to action from governments and development partners working in Nigeria to support the cooperative sector, reason for this year’s theme which is“Strengthening Cooperatives to serve as the Catalyst for Nigeria’s Sustainable Socio-Economic Development.” As we know, to build a competitive economy, attention must be given to accelerating key infrastructural development and also improving the ease of doing business as enshrined in the ERGP policy document. Therefore, the success of the nation’s economic revitalization and diversification hinges on the extent of Cooperative Revitalization by the government including all stakeholders in the sector and the ease of doing cooperative business seamlessly.

The CRASoN projects & programmes provide a national platform serving as watchdog on the efficiency and effectiveness of cooperative societies for assessments and ratings with the aim of acknowledging and celebrating the best and most outstanding success stories and successful stakeholders while remaining socially responsible. The process promises to revitalize, refocus and spur even development among cooperative societies in Nigeria to promote national cohesion and social inclusion for the socio-economic development of our dear country.

About CRASoN

The Co-operative Rating & Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) is a value-based Rating and Award Institution founded on the universal principles of co-operation and its ethical values to track, monitor, evaluate and report the economic performances and social impacts of Co-operative Societies in order to raise their profile to policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, development partners, governments and INGO’s amongst all stakeholders; in order to get the desired attention needed to aid the development and growth of the sub-sector in Nigeria, afterwards mobilize such cooperatives for the achievement of the nation’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria.


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